Jay-Z, Kanye Show Their 'Growth' With Lyrics To Unborn Kids

'New Day' producer RZA talks about the 'Watch the Throne' track -- before Jay and Beyoncé's big news.

LOS ANGELES -- With [article id="1669849"]Beyoncé and Jay-Z now expecting their first child[/article], the [article id="1669254"]Watch the Throne[/article] track "New Day" takes on a whole new meaning.

On the self-reflecting soul track, Hov and Kanye West rap to their unborn children, but now that Jigga will be a big poppa, some fans are wondering: Are the song's lyrics a life-imitating-art situation, or was the father-to-be dropping early clues?

Though his lyrical motivations are unclear right now, "New Day" producer RZA likes the message Jay-Z and Kanye are sending. "I love what they do, so I just felt good to hear what they do," RZA said on the red carpet for the BMI Urban Awards over the weekend. "And then for them to talk about the future generation of their children, they continue to show their solid dopeness and their growth as well."

"I'm sorry, Junior, I already ruined ya," Jay raps with regret as he fears that his past sins could come back like a karma boomerang to affect his unborn. Still, in the same breath, Hov rhymes about simply being able to take his kid to a barber shop and charter private planes.

When the Brooklyn MC began his path to becoming one of rap's greats by dropping his debut Reasonable Doubt in 1996, he was already a grown man. On "New Day," he aims to provide the right amount of guidance, so things don't take quite as long for his seed. "It took me 26 years to find my path/ My only job is cutting time in half."

There are other jewels passed on, like looking a person in the eyes when you talk to them and the importance of keeping your word. In the end, Jay gives his most heartfelt pledge: "Promise to never leave him, even if his mama tweaking/ 'Cause my dad left, and I promise never repeat him."