'This Is The End' Exclusive Set Visit: Getting Cabin Fever In A Million-Dollar Mansion

Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and friends were busy braving the apocalypse when MTV News stopped by.

If you're going to have to live through the end of days, wouldn't it be better to experience it with your friends? You would if those buddies were Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, James Franco and Jay Baruchel, like in "This Is the End."

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz visited the set of the apocalypse comedy, he chatted with the actor-friends about the film and witnessed one very special intervention for McBride's character.

"It's something that's actually inspired by a lot of 'Real World' episodes that we've seen," said Rogen about the scene they were filming that day. "It's all of the roommates gathered around Danny, telling him that he either has to stop acting like a lunatic or they're kicking him out of the house."

That kind of scene, where all of the stars shared the screen, was exactly what co-director Rogen had in mind when he and Evan Goldberg came up with the concept. "When we came up with the idea of having a movie where a bunch of the guys that we think are funny that we do movies with are in it together, it was really important to us to make sure that they are in it together a lot," Rogen said. "A lot of the movie is all six of us together in one room, which is just insane."

The insanity stems their characters, who are trapped inside with each other, at least that's what Danny McBride said. "Whenever people are stuck together in a situation in small quarters, cabin fever can set in. People can act up and not be true to themselves," he said. "I would say that's what's happening here. We're all getting cabin fever, even though this isn't a cabin. This is a multi-million-dollar mansion fever."

When "This Is the End" hits theaters on June 12, it may be the last time you'll see all of these guys onscreen together for a long while. That's part of the reason they made the movie, as Jonah Hill explains. "It definitely feels like a cool send-up or cathartic homage to these kinds of the movies that we made for a long time."

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