5 Questions With 'Footloose' and 'Project X' Actor Miles Teller

Miles Teller should be dancing right about now. With "Footloose" hitting shelves on DVD and Blu-ray today and "Project X" raking it in at the box office this past weekend, he has totally earned the right to kick off his Sunday shoes or whatever.

The 25-year-old plays Willard in last year's remake of the hit '80s film, a role he knew long before director Craig Brewer took the helm. And Teller had no concerns about doing a remake of a beloved movie. In fact, even though he played Willard in his first play ever – in high school – he still has never seen the Kevin Bacon flick.

He offered a few other amusing confessions when we checked in on his big week.

We know you had played Willard before – are you hoping to do more dancing in movies?

[John] Travolta finds a way to dance in a lot of his movies. I've always thought he did a good job with it – he's always pretty cool. I think anything that you do and enjoy, you would like to do in a movie.

I've always danced … Whenever I go out [with my friends], I'm the guy who dances. I'm the first one out on the dance floor. In college I had to take jazz, ballet and tap dancing, but, before that, it was just social.

Tell me a little about shooting the scene in "Footloose" when all those little girls were teaching you to dance. That seemed like it had to be a trip.

They were sassy little girls … They were cute, but they wouldn't let me into the Pickle Club though … I was never allowed in so I couldn't tell you [what it was]. It was some club that they invented, I guess. Some socialite club that I was not allowed to participate in.

That's too bad. At least you've got "Project X" doing gangbusters in theaters – how does that feel?

"Project X" kicked ass. I really had so fun because they kept everything pretty much under the rug for that movie for so long. I actually shot that before "Footloose" so they really have been sitting on it for a while. But yeah, I’m really happy – all the guys, they’re great kids – I hope it continues a successful run for them. And the producers and Todd Phillips are all cool dudes.

So are you hoping maybe Phillips will hook you up with a gig in "Hangover 3?"

Yeah. If it's not "Hangover 3," he's got one or two other projects that I've been talking to him about every time I see him.

[My next movie] '21 and Over' is my 'Hangover.' It's about three really good friends in high school and, post high school graduation, they all come together for a buddy's 21st birthday, only he's got a big medical school exam the next day and says he can only go out for one drink … It goes on to a pretty wild ride. It's the directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s first time directing a movie. They're incredible writers who wrote "The Hangover." They've written a ton of successful comedies and I feel confident saying they're the funniest two people I've ever met.

With Justin Chon in "21 and Over" and Anna Kendrick in "Get a Job," are you trying to collect "Twilight" co-stars with your upcoming movies? Who's next?

Yeah, that's my goal. Robert Pattinson is next because I'm going alphabetical.

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