Christina Aguilera Talks Election, New LP At Rock The Vote Event

'I can't believe it's been a decade already,' singer says of 'Keeps Gettin' Better -- A Decade of Hits.'

Christina Aguilera hopes to rock her fans when her [article id="1594143"]greatest-hits album[/article] is released on November 11, but on Thursday night, she was telling her fans to rock the vote on November 4.

"Rock the Vote is obviously important to just to get the message out there to young and old — and especially to young — that your voice, your opinion does matter," she said at the Esquire House opening-night event with Rock the Vote in Beverly Hills, California.

She said it's a cause she feels particularly strong about as not [article id="1579535"]only a mom[/article], but also an older sibling. "It's important for me, it's important for the next generation — for my son's generation," she said. "It's important to people my age and my sister's age, 10 years younger. Everyone that is able to have an opinion should let it be heard and should voice it."

She also talked about Keeps Gettin' Better — A Decade of Hits. "I can't believe it's been a decade already," she said, "but it's very exciting. All the old, the biggest hits I've come out with [are on the album]. I don't even know how to describe what a journey it's been but it's been amazing."

The greatest-hits album isn't just a compilation of old material; she's re-recorded some songs and included a couple of new ones. "[We're] reinventing some of the old hits," she said. " 'Genie [in a Bottle] 2.0' is on the record, a [new] song called 'Dynamite' and 'Keeps Gettin' Better,' " which she [article id="1594283"]performed[/article] at the VMAs earlier this month.

"[The album also has] a new version that's really, really cool of 'Beautiful' that's in the vein of where the next album is going to go, which is a very futuristic approach to music."

Christina also said she's hard at work on her next album, which she expects to release next year, and she said will feature the futuristic sound of "Keeps Gettin' Better."

"[It] definitely has touches of that, elements of that," she said. "But [we] go further with that. That was a taste of what's to come."

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