Sigourney Weaver Not Optimistic About 'Ghostbusters 3'

'Red Lights' actress also updates MTV News on 'Avatar' sequel status.

PARK CITY, Utah -- Even at the Sundance Film Festival, genre icon Sigourney Weaver just can't stay away from the supernatural. The actress has a lead role in director Rodrigo Cortés' new paranormal thriller, "Red Lights" -- which made its polarizing debut at Park City's Eccles Center on Friday (January 20) -- as skeptical scientist Margaret Matheson.

Naturally, Weaver has some experience dealing with spooks and scares, having played the endlessly haunted Dana Barrett in two "Ghostbusters" films. But at this rate, it's looking decreasingly likely that she'll reprise Peter Venkman's former flame for a third time -- largely because Venkman himself has seemingly put the proton pack away for good.

At Sundance, MTV News asked Weaver about recent reports that Bill Murray not only turned down the latest draft of "Ghostbusters 3," but actually shredded the script and sent the scraps to former co-stars and franchise stewards Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

"You know, I've heard about that too," she said. "It's Bill, so it could very well be true."

Weaver has yet to read a "Ghostbusters 3" script herself. Taking that fact with rumors about Murray's complete disinterest, Weaver had to admit, "Maybe it's not a good sign."

The news is much more optimistic for another genre film franchise Weaver's involved in: "Avatar." The actress said that she's been in regular contact with director James Cameron about a return trip to Pandora, but doesn't expect it to happen in the immediate future.

"We've had a couple of talks, but he's busy," she said. "He has a very ambitious goal to be the person to take a submersible down to the lowest point in the Marianas Trench, which he wants to accomplish this year. 'Avatar' will happen after that."

For her part, despite her irrevocable status as one of cinema's most badass action heroes, Weaver has precisely zero interest in joining Cameron on one of his undersea adventures.

"He's been kind enough to invite me," she said. "But I know I'd disgrace myself by screaming and shrieking and soiling myself!"

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