Lena Dunham Wears Her Love Of Bill Murray On Her Chest, And So Can You

As if I needed any more reasons to be jealous of Lena Dunham, she went and wore what might be the single most amazing outfit that's ever been created–a matching t-shirt and leggings printed with miniature Bill Murray faces. Please excuse me while I go have a minor freak out.

Lena recently revealed her love of pasties and booty shorts, and although I'm sure she'd look 100% ~fab~ in those, her ode to Bill takes the fashion cake. Not only does the outfit look like the epitome of comfiness, the lil' Steve Zissous that are dotted all over it raise my covet level from zero to a trillion million (approximately). I mean, if you're going to wear a full on matching look, the theme might as well be Bill Effing Murray, right? Right.

Luckily for any fans out there (of Bill or Lena), the outfit can totally be yours thanks to the brilliant minds at Clashist. The Bill Murray Dot Tee is $55, and the leggings are $70, which is a small price to pay for looking like the coolest person in history.


Bill Murray

If you're a little skeptical of being able to pull off a head-to-toe Murray extravaganza, never fear—both pieces look just as good as separates as they do together.


Bill Murray - Leggings

Also, it's wise to note that there is no wrong way to wear Bill Murray. Like, ever. It's kind of impossible.

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