J. Cole Gave This Fan The Most Incredible Graduation Gift

Two years in the making.

J. Cole inspires his fans with his music, sure. But sometimes he takes things a step further -- and gives them actual motivation in a one-on-one situation.

That happened for one high schooler back in 2013, when Cole contacted a fan and tried to give her a little extra push to excel in class.

"I read your letter twice now," he wrote her on Twitter, as a Reddit user points out. "You are strong, so I admire YOU. I will be at your graduation... only IF you get into a 4 year university. go!"

She must have buckled down, because the next year, he told her he was impressed with her marks.

It looks like he not only attended the graduation this week, but is taking things a step further -- by helping out paying for books and tuition when she heads off to college in the fall.

And according to the rapper's manager, the current Dolla And A Dream III tour that he's on was routed with a stop at the graduation in mind.

Not a bad graduation present.

But it's just the next step. Like Cole said, keep going.