Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Special Way Of Dealing With 'Doctor Strange' Questions

I'm not even mad.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Aside from the fact that Marvel has yet to confirm the rumor, it certainly seems like Benedict Cumberbatch will play Doctor Stephen Strange in the 2016 movie.

The reason we haven't heard from official sources is because the trade publications indicate that Cumberbatch is in "final talks," meaning he hasn't officially signed on yet... Meaning no one involved wants to publicly talk about it and possibly spoil the deal.

...which would definitely explain our most recent conversation with Cumberbatch tied to "Penguins of Madagascar."

So downside, Cumberbatch really didn't feel like talking about "Doctor Strange." Upside, John Malkovich opened up about the old rumor that he was going to play Voldemort. All in all, not bad.

As Cumberbatch mentions in the video, he has a shared history with MTV about this question. At San Diego Comic-Con, he opened up for the first time anywhere about the fan campaign to get him the role.

Since then, circumstances have changed, but until Marvel gives us the official word, expect more of this kind of thing from Cumberbatch on the topic of the Sorcerer Supreme.

"Penguins of Madagascar" opens in theaters on November 26.

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