11 Hilarious Reactions To Zac Efron's Absence From The 'High School Musical' Reunion

We're feeling a little 'betroyed' right now.

A brief timeline...

January 20, 2006: A little-known Disney Channel Original Movie premiered and garnered a whopping 7.7 million viewers.

January 20, 2016: The same Disney Channel Original Movie is now fondly remembered by cast and fans alike.

Ten years ago today (Jan. 20), "High School Musical" debuted and launched a toe-tappin' franchise, as well as the careers for several of its main cast. Unless you live on Pluto, you've heard the catchy songs and could probably recite them in your sleep if challenged.

The East High Wildcats ignited something truly powerful in their young (and older) audience. Plus, the film's message was an oldie but a goodie: You can do whatever you want in life. Jocks can be in the school musical and skateboarders can play the cello if they so desire. Pop and lock, jam and break all you want; it's your life to live.

To help celebrate the iconic movie's 10th anniversary, the cast reunited and shared lots of fond memories and photos from past and present. It looks like they're all still in this together, right? WRONG. One Wildcat (*cough* Zac Efron *cough*) didn't show up, reportedly due to scheduling conflicts. However, Zefron did make a pre-recorded message for fans that'll air during the reunion special.

Despite this, fans are still deeply upset that the star of the film won't be in (physical) attendance, and you can't exactly blame them. We've rounded up some of the best, most LOL-worthy reactions to Zefron's absence.

People didn't hold back their feelings.

Not one bit.

Who knew 10 years later, we'd all be reenacting these poses?

Of course, we wouldn't have to make these poses if somebody would've just shown up.

He's been jokingly referred to as a "troiter" and a "betroyer" by fans.

And people are really starting to question life as they know it.

Some fans were a little more delicate with their accusations...

...while others were not.

Some compared him to a certain ex-One Direction member who shall remain nameless.

Just kidding. It's traitorous Zayn. Apparently, Zefron "zayned."

And others compared him to a friend of his.

Shortly after the "Friends" reunion was announced, Matthew Perry went and spoiled it by admitting he'll be in London rehearsing his play, so he won't attend the reunion.

Lastly, Zefron's Instagram is blowing up with angry remarks and some killer "HSM" puns. Here's a compilation of people who definitely didn't stick to the status quo. (Sorry.)

Who knows? Maybe he'll make it to the 20 year reunion.