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Beyoncé Absolutely Slays This Iconic, Five-Outfit Tribute To Lil’ Kim

That sheer jumpsuit though...

Earlier this week, leaked pics of Beyoncé and Jay-Z revealed that the couple dressed up as Lil' Kim and Notorious B.I.G. for Kelly Rowland’s Halloween party. We all marveled at Bey’s ability to track down vintage Chanel suspenders for a faithful tribute to Kim’s look from “The Rain” video, but what we didn’t know is that she had four more costumes up her sleeve — and they were all dedicated to Lil’ Kim.

On Friday (November 3) — a full three days after Halloween ended, mind you — Beyoncé came through with a five-part parade of looks paying tribute to some of the New York rapper’s most iconic styles. Naturally, Beyoncé shared all the pics from her slay spree in a “Halloween 2017: Lil' Kim Appreciation” photo album on her website, and later in a gallery post on Instagram (see that below).

“Hip hop would not be the same without our original Queen B,” her site reads.

Along with the “Rain” outfit, Bey donned the blue Chanel-printed wig and crucifix chain from Kim’s 2001 Manhattan File photoshoot; a sexy blue nightie-and-fur look from a 2000 spread with Today’s Black Woman magazine; the risqué sheer jumpsuit from the 1999 Source Awards; and the neon green getup from Kim’s 1997 No Way Out tour with Diddy.

Obviously, Bey nailed each look and even created her own magnificently titled photo agency: Petty Images. All hail.

Lil' Kim, for her part, was utterly floored by the tribute, writing on Twitter, "I’m speechless and honored." She added in another tweet, "Lorrrrrddd, my wig is all the way in China!!! SLAYED 😻 You did that B!"