These Couples Might Be In 'Love' -- Or They Could Be A 'Lie'

'Love at First Lie' is premiering on October 12

Grab your magnifying glass -- and "try to spot the fakes."

The first-ever relationship mystery competition series, Love at First Lie, will premiere in the United States and more than 170 countries around the world on Wednesday, October 12 (tonight!). Hosted by Tori Spelling, the 12-episode show allows viewers to play along at home to discover who is genuinely in love -- and, well, who isn't. What's at stake: Only one couple can win and take home the entire prize pot (!).

So who is in love -- and who is a lie? Meet the couples, below, and watch the premiere tonight at 9:30/8:30c!

  • Riani & Chantz

  • Monica & Josh

  • Jake & Alfie

  • Karla & Brian

  • Annabell and Joey

  • Stephanie & Arabella

  • Cecy & Reasey

  • Yuriy & Alicia

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