Jennifer Lawrence Compares Adele’s Voice To Brussels Sprouts

Don't worry, it's a compliment.

Remember when we recounted all the moments during Adele’s “Live In New York City” concert that warranted a good old-fashioned ugly cry? Well, in case you needed one more advocate to sign off on Adele’s tear-inducing power, Jennifer Lawrence has now chimed in with her take on the show.

During an interview to promote her upcoming film “Joy,” the actress told New York’s Z100 that she was among the Adele devotees at Radio City Music Hall last month.

“Oh my God! Stop, don’t make me cry,” she said, when asked about the show. “I’m going to tear up just thinking about it. Adele! My mouth is watering.

“Adele is the most universally accepted as the best,” Jen continued. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. I was at a restaurant and I was like, ‘These brussels sprouts taste as good as Adele sings!’ and [the waiter] was like ‘Well thank you.’ Oh my God, she’s unbelievable.”

Unfortunately, J. Law didn’t go on to divulge which restaurant serves said heavenly brussels sprouts — which is really a shame, because we can’t imagine having the same sensory experience from a vegetable that Adele’s 25 gives us. But anyway…

Z100 then tried to suggest that Jen and Adele duet, since: 1) They’re already friends (remember that time they hung out with Emma Stone?), and 2) Jennifer has a No. 1 hit to her name as well, thanks to her “Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1” tune “Hanging Tree.” But Jen immediately laughed off the possibility, saying she’ll leave the belting to the pros —even though her “Passengers” costar Chris Pratt is apparently a fan of her singing skills as well.

“I can’t sing in the first place so put me net to the greatest singer in the entire world,” she joked. “Chris Pratt in the makeup trailer was playing Pandora and he goes, ‘Hey, Jen, I’m going to play a song, promise you won’t get mad?’ and I was like, ‘No!’” I knew exactly what he was talking about.”

So there you have it: We can definitely assume Jennifer will be among the millions of Adele fans who catch her on the singer’s upcoming North American tour, but don’t expect to see them join forces onstage. That is, unless Jen and Amy Schumer pull off another dancing-on-top-of-the-piano bit like they did at Billy Joel's concert. Now THAT’S a scenario we can get behind.

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