Ariana Grande 'Working Out A Lot' Before Justin Bieber Tour

After her stint on the 'Believe' tour, singer heads out on her own August trek, The Listening Sessions.

Ariana Grande has a big August ahead of her. [article id="1707351"]"The Way" singer[/article] is preparing to hit the road on not one but two tours. So we don't blame her if she's been banking some gym time to build up her stamina.

First, she'll join Justin Bieber on his Believe tour for three shows on August 7, 8 and 10. She told MTV News, "I'm rehearsing a lot. I'm working out a lot, trying to get my lungs, my breath support stronger. I'm training myself to work with in-ear [monitors], which is new for me because I've never worked with in-ears. I've always liked to sing with my natural ear. I bet you anything you're gonna see me pull my in-ears out every time I'm onstage, but it's OK.

"I'm training my voice to get used to singing every day because I took a long break from singing every single day because I was filming a TV show [Nickelodeon's "Sam & Cat"] so I was sort of not singing as much for a couple weeks," she continued. "Lots of vocal rest, lots of tea, lots of getting ready."

Once she wraps up her short stint with Bieber, she'll kick off her own headlining trek, The Listening Sessions. It begins on August 13 in Silver Spring, Maryland. She'll play nine cities in the U.S. throughout August, with the jaunt ending on August 31 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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"I'm really excited about it. Just [getting ready with] lots of training and vocal health stuff and music talk and deciding what parts my backup singers are gonna sing," she said. "And I'm helping arrange everything 'cause I'm incredibly anal. So I'm helping arrange the parts for the backup singers, the horns, the violins, the band and everything. I'm helping everyone out with everything 'cause I'm very hands-on when it comes to music. I'm rehearsing a lot."

Fans should also expect a surprise or two. She teased, "We've been choreographing the whole album, but I'm adding some things that I think my fans will be really happy to see me do. They're surprises.

One of them I think they'll scream [when they see it]. I have to bring a prop out for it and I think they'll all be very happy when they see what it is."

On September 3, days after Grande wraps up her solo tour, she will drop her debut album, Yours Truly.