'Total Recall' Easter Eggs: The Callbacks You Missed

From mentions of Mars to sightings of a certain three-breasted woman, here are some of the overt links between the old and new 'Recall.'

"Total Recall," from director Len Wiseman and star Colin Farrell, distances itself from Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 action romp in tone, setting, and story details — but that doesn't mean the film doesn't totally recall its predecessor.

Indeed, there are numerous name-checks and callbacks to the "Recall" of old in Wiseman's latest sci-fi effort. We're not just talking about the replication of the iconic fight between secret-secret agent Douglas Quaid and his wife Lori, an equally secret-secret agent, either. The "Recall" reboot pulls characters from the original that serve no purpose in today's vision beyond winking and nodding towards the past. Dialogue is lifted from the first film, not quite wholesale, but close. There's even a shout-out to the current leader of the free world.

Needless to say, there are lots of hidden surprises in "Recall." Keep reading for five of the Easter eggs we uncovered.

Is There Life on Mars

Though the new "Total Recall" stays firmly on Earth, there are nods to the film's Mars-based predecessor. Specifically, when Doug's friend Harry is telling him all about the dangers of Rekall, he relates a cautionary tale about a client who lost his mind after using the technology to implant false memories of his time on the Red Planet.

Master of Disguise

In the original "Recall," there's a point where Schwarzenegger's Quaid must travel from Point A to Point B without alerting authorities to his presence. To do this, he takes on the very realistic guise of an older, rounder woman. (It makes a whole lot more sense than "Junior," at least!) Without spoiling too much, that iconic scene absolutely gets another makeover in the new "Recall."

Consider This (Almost) A Divorce

There's no utterance of "Damn it Cohaagen, give da people da air," much to the chagrin of MTV's resident "Recall" super-fan and Arnie impersonator Brian Phares, but many of the lines from the original do wind up in the redo, albeit somewhat modified. For example, the timing and wording of the Sharon Stone-squashing "consider this a divorce" isn't exact between the two movies, but a version of the line exists — much earlier than it does in the original "Recall," in fact.

Hail to the Chief

Not an Easter egg that refers back to the original "Total Recall," but an Easter egg all the same. There's a scene in the new movie where Doug comes across a hidden cache of cash. Pay close attention to the faces on the dollar bills. Unless you live under a rock, you'll recognize at least one of the men staring right back at you.

[article id="1689623"]Three Breasts and a Lady[/article]

If you missed this one, you don't have eyes — that, or you're a more respectful movie viewer than we are.

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