'Eclipse' Exclusive Scene Turns Up The Jacob/Edward Tension

Bella's torn between two loves in the parking lot clip that premiered on the MTV Movie Awards.

It's been said (rather crassly) that the plotline of "Eclipse" boils down to a young woman's choice between bestiality and necrophilia. On June 30, "Twilight" fans all over the world will finally be able to feast their eyes on Bella's struggle to reconcile her feelings for monstrous Jacob and undead Edward. Those watching tonight's MTV Movie Awards, however, just received an exclusive sneak peek at her indecision -- and now, the clip is here to appease your own ravenous, to-die-for appetite.

"Charlie said you left town," Jacob (Taylor Lautner) says, confronting Bella (Kristen Stewart) with Edward (Robert Pattinson) at her side in the Forks High parking lot.

"Yeah," responds Bella, who has her hoodie pulled up over her head. "To visit my mom. Why?"

"He's checking to see if you're still human," sneers a defensive Edward.

Although lots of big news is bound to be made at the Movie Awards, few moments have garnered as much anticipation as this clip, one of the few full scenes to be released from David Slade's "Eclipse." The scene helps set up a plotline involving evil vampire Victoria and gives fans a glimpse of the shifting dynamic between the three leads.

"Look, I'm here to warn you," steams Jacob, clearly taking over the alpha-dog mentality and looking very little like the Jacob of the original "Twilight" film, whom Edward could easily have knocked on his heels. "If your kind come on our land again ..."

"You should leave," Edward shoots back. "Now."

"She has a right to know," responds Jacob, looking noticeably -- um -- wetter than you might expect. "She is the one the redhead wants."

"I was trying to protect you," Edward says to Bella.

"By lying to me!" she retorts, moments before hopping onto Jacob's motorcycle and riding off.

Fans will undoubtedly spend the next few days breaking the scene down as if they were a Cullen picking apart a deer's bones. And one aspect that should promote conversation is KStew's ability to hold the scene and steer it, despite being the physically smallest person in the frame. A lot has been written about Taylor's increasingly formidable screen presence -- but this brief clip reminds us once again why Kristen is the true heart and soul of these films.

For good measure, our friends at Summit Entertainment have peppered the end of the scene with a quick montage of action-heavy shots from "Eclipse." Although the majority have been seen previously in trailers, they never get old: Victoria under attack, newborns emerging from the water, Jackson Rathbone's Jasper on the attack, Victoria in the tree and a few more clips worth freeze-framing. All in all, it's enough to make fans look away from the Movie Awards just long enough to ask one simple question: Is it too early to vote for next year's show?

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