Hey Jennifer Lawrence, Miles Teller Has A Pretty Sexy 'X-Men'/'Fantastic Four' Idea For You

You down, JLaw?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

With the dream "Guardians of the Galaxy" crossover with some Avengers folks still seeming as far away as Thanos' sky throne, maybe it's time to start hoping for another superhero franchise team-up. A good bet might be the Fantastic Four -- whose first film will hit theaters on August 7 -- and the X-Men, since both teams of heroes are owned by Fox and live in the same galaxy.

They also share Fox bigwig producer Simon Kinberg, so when MTV News caught up with the "Fantastic Four" cast at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, we just had to ask if Reed Richards would be going head-to-head with Magneto anytime soon -- and Miles Teller, for one, seemed totally down with the idea.

"I think you can tell [in 'Fantastic Four'] that Mystique falls in love with Reed at some point," Teller said, making the rest of the gang alternatively crack up and roll their eyes at this blatant Jennifer Lawrence stanning.

Lucky for Teller's relationship with his cast mates moving forward, he quickly rebounded, noting that he was grateful for Reed's straight-from-the-page relationship with Sue Storm, played by Kate Mara.

"I don't tell Simon which beautiful actress to make fall in love with Reed, he just really hit the nail on the head with Kate," he clarified.

Mara rolled her eyes at this again, adding that it's "impossible" to fall in love with Teller -- "but I've got a couple more movies to make still. I've got time."