Was Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz Sex Scene Awkward? 'Bad Teacher' Costar Weighs In!

Long before Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz hit the set to shoot their comedy "Bad Teacher," out this week, they were just two crazy Hollywood kids in love. And then they weren't. But, as it turns out, there was no reason to worry about what would happen when the two reunited for the flick. In fact, according to co-star Lucy Punch, everything was peachy keen on set.

"It's hard to pick one [day that was really funny]. We were all laughing a lot every day cracking each other up. I couldn’t pick one day," she told us at the "Bad Teacher" NYC premiere earlier this week. "I'm looking forward to seeing Cameron's car wash scene cause it's pretty spectacular. And also Cameron and Justin's love scene, which is also pretty spectacular."

How spectacular? She teased, "It's like nothing else you’ve ever seen."

Despite the fact Justin and Cameron used to date, Lucy revealed the scene wasn't as awkward as it sounds. "I don’t think it was. I was slightly even disappointed that there wasn’t any drama," she joked. "I go on set and I'm like, 'Oh, they're just great friends it turns out [and] really mature and adult. How boring!'"

All joking aside, she did share that the duo were quite a pleasure to work with. "It was wonderful," she said. "They're great old friends, so there was a great atmosphere and camaraderie on set."

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