Niall Horan's Pre-Show Shenanigans Include Sprawling In The Middle Of A Street

He shares his rituals in new 'Black and White' video

Niall Horan shared the video for "Black and White" yesterday (April 21) and its a shaky, kaleidoscopic clip of performance footage that brings you into his world. Have you ever wondered what Niall is like when he's getting ready for a huge show? What about in the downtime when he's just hanging out around town? There's that, and more, here for you to enjoy.

Horan's one of the happiest people in the world in "Black and White." You can tell that no matter whether he's holding a microphone, guitar, or violin, Horan's glad to be making memorable music for his fans. "Black and White"'s words flash on the screen while we watch Horan getting ready for a show with other performers, testing out the microphone and running through some songs. It's all good fun that shows us he knows how to have a good time.

Off the stage, Horan keeps this same cheery energy in photoshoots and as he walks around town. We see him being goofy while preparing for some cool flix and when he lays in the middle of the street and stretches out. At the end of it, he finally makes it in front of a massive crowd for an epic performance filled with fireworks.

This past weekend, Horan played "Black and White" during the One World: Together At Home event that supported frontline healthcare workers. After singing the song, he gave a shoutout to essential workers for their time time and sacrifice during the global coronavirus pandemic.

"Thank you so much to anyone out there who works in an essential service, whether it be a doctor, a nurse, a grocery store worker, a teacher," he said. "Anyone who works in an essential service, you are doing an unbelievable job at the moment and we thank you so much. You do a great job all the time, but we really need you now and you've stepped up to the plate on another level. Thank you so much."

"Black and White" is from Horan's second solo album, Heartbreak Weather, that dropped in March. The LP also features songs like "Nice To Meet Ya," "Small Talk," New Angel," and more.

Check out Horan's cool new "Black and White" video up above.