Waka Flocka Sets 'Flockaveli Part 2' Release For October 5

Flocka reveals that he will be dropping his upcoming LP on the three-year anniversary of his unforgettable debut album 'Flockaveli.'

Waka Flocka Flame is ahead of his time -- literally. Not only did the Atlanta-based rapper show up to the "RapFix Live" set more than an hour early on Wednesday, he also wrapped up his upcoming LP [article id="1700589"]Flockaveli Part 2[/article] with more than six months to spare.

"I been done before the year started," he said. "My date is October 5 because I dropped Flockaveli 1 on October 5, so I'm basically cheating."

With his next album, Waka plans to make a return to the raw feel his 2010 debut, while still exhibiting some healthy artistic growth. The original kinetic 17-track long player contained unforgettable tracks like "O Let's Do It," "Hard in da Paint," "Grove St. Party" and the triple-platinum hit "No Hands."

Flocka had originally aimed for last year's street-drenched, Gucci Mane-assisted "50K" to appear on the album, but decided to place it on his Salute Me or Shoot Me 4 mixtape instead. He hasn't completely abandoned the idea of placing the track on the album since he has a high-powered remix in the stash. " '50K' was on my album, shout to T.I. he did the remix, smoked it. '50K' was for an album, I just dropped it on a tape," he said.

One song that is so far slated to appear on Flockaveli Part 2 is "Abu Dhabi" with Wyclef Jean. Waka couldn't describe it for "RapFix" host Sway Calloway, but he still appeared to be in awe of the music.

"It's Wyclef, I don't even know," he said without really saying anything. "I ain't never seen nobody play the guitar and rap. Like, 'What are you doin?' And it's hard though. He's a genius."

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