Jhené Aiko, 21 Savage, And Summer Walker Check Into The Heartbreak Hotel In 'Triggered (Freestyle) Remix'

The original song came out in May

Jhené Aiko has dropped a fresh new version of her angry breakup missile "Triggered" that features 21 Savage and Summer Walker. This remix is much longer and adds more heartbreak and emotional devastation to the mix, making a previous diary entry about despising an old flame into an entire book about spoiled love from multiple perspectives.

"Triggered (Freestyle) Remix" begins the same with its crestfallen piano keys laying the foundation for the heartbreak to come. Jhené Aiko's verses remain untouched, as they should.  Her open-palmed whispers about being bitter feel like quickly scribbled notes on a napkin that she angrily stuffs in her pocket. 21 Savage comes in afterward and talks about his past relationship with the energy of a heartbroken man who's throwing darts at a bullseye. "I went against the world when they changed you/I was ready to go to war when it pertained to you," he raps. Summer Walker rounds out the ending with Jhené, singing about how the tattoos that she got for her ex need to be removed immediately. 21 Savage and Summer Walker compliment Jhené nicely and make the remix to "Triggered (Freestyle)" an analysis of multiple heartbreaks that has something in there for all of us.

Jhené released the original "Triggered (Freestyle)" in May. In a tweet shortly after its release, she explained what the song meant to her. "triggered is NOT a diss song," she wrote. "it is a moment of talking shit out of frustration and passion. it's was a moment of exaggerated expression when I was feeling lost and weak. no one is to be blamed or bashed for how I was feeling in that moment. I am in control of my feelings."

Listen to the remix to "Triggered (Freestyle)" up above and think about any old relationships you were in. Actually, maybe don't do that second part.