Kehlani's 'Toxic' Love Situation Is Nothing She Can't Handle On New Single

Her latest feels like a look at where her love life is today

Regardless of what emotional hardships she may have gone through in her last relationship, Kehlani realizes that the love she holds for her ex still exists in the worst way. She can't help but text his phone and wonder how life would be with him by her side. This poisonous affection is at the center of her new release, "Toxic," a brooding single that's honest, contradictory, and important.

Kehlani's internal struggle sounds like she's in front of a mirror arguing about whether she should reach out to her old flame or not. She somehow finds faults in her own actions while trying to justify his. "Did right, we take turns being wrong/ I get real accountable when I'm alone," she sings.

But the love comes out when she's drunk, though. Sipping on some Don Julio, she realizes that she misses him and wants him by her side. And when that happens, soon after, she knows that this isn't helping her spiritually. "All of this love is toxic/ All these kisses and hugs is not shit," she carols on the chorus. As it ends, she resolves to continue a physical relationship, even if she knows that it has to end at some point.

"Toxic" is Kehlani's second tune to drop this year after "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" that, similarly, chronicled the outs of a recent relationship. If you're looking for more of the singer's love life, she gave a wakeup call to her then partner in last year's "You Know Wassup."

Check out "Toxic" up above.