14 Moments We Loved From '13 Going On 30,' 10 Years Ago

Happy 23rd birthday, Jenna!

Happy 23rd birthday, Jenna! If the protagonist of Jennifer Garner's "13 Going On 30" wasn't a fictional character (what?!), today would mark her official entrance into her mid-20s.

Yes, "13 Going On 30" came out 10 years ago today. On April 23, 2004, the world changed forever, all as the result of some magic dust, a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven gone awry and one terribly taglined magazine article. (Nobody is pulling readers by talking about how great it is to be 30, though kudos to 12-going-on-13-year-old Jenna for reading rags so far above her age level.)

In addition to showing us the Lisa Frank side of Mrs. Affleck, "13 Going On 30" taught us important life lessons, like the value of family (high!) and how handsome baby photographer Mark Ruffalo will be when he grows up (also high!).

In honor of the seminal flick's 10th anniversary, here are 14 of our favorite moments. And, pro tip: It's streaming on Netflix, so clear your calendar for the next several hours. We wish we were 30!

When Baby Jenna And Baby Matty Invent The Selfie

When Future Indie It Girl Brie Larson Was One Of The Six Chicks

There, on the right.

When She Wished To Be 30, Flirty And Thriving

When Jenna Drops The Ultimate Insult

When They Burned Up The Dance Floor With 'Thriller'

When Jenna Doesn't Know What You Meant By 'Play'

When Matty Repeatedly Mistook Jenna For A Delivery Guy

When Matty And Jenna Slow Dance For Basically No Reason Because of Course

When They Make Out On A Playground

When Jenna Discovers The Power Of Puberty

When He Still Had The Dreamhouse, 17 Years Later

When She Wanted Matty To Be So Happy

When Matty Gave Her Tough Love At His Wedding

When They Totally Get Married And Take Selfies Of It