Watch Taylor Swift Drown In A Sea Of Kittens And Unveil ANOTHER New Song!

This new ad gives us a '1989' preview and cats. What more can you ask for?

Everyone calm down. It's not like there are a bunch of fluffy kittens smothering Taylor Swift and it's not like they're adorable little mewsters. And it's not like Olivia Benson -- Tay's own cat -- stars in this new Diet Coke ad I'm looking at. And it's not like she gives us a clip of a new 1989 song!!

Oh wait, that's ALL true!

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Swift's latest Diet Coke ad shows her in her perfect world -- a dream made possible by drinking one of their beverages, of course. Her perfect world -- along with mine -- is swimming in a sea of cuddly felines set to the tune of a song off her new album, out October 27.

As Taylor would say, "#heavybreathing."

Watch the adorableness, catch hold of your chill, and tell us what you think in the comments:

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