Game's Stepfather Says Rapper Was Once A Male Stripper

Game is currently riding high with the release of his Jesus Piece album, but a man who claims to be his stepfather is digging up some memories that the Compton rapper would probably prefer to forget. Hodari Sababu takes Pitchfork TV on 'A Hip Hop Guided Tour of Compton," during which he casually explains that Game, born Jayceon Taylor, had a short-lived stint as a male stripper.

This rumor first started back in 06, when 50 Cent released the mixtape G-Unit Radio Part 21: Hate It or Love It, bearing a photo of Game in a strip club wearing a g-string. At the time Fif maintained that Game had once been a stripper working under the alias "Doja," although most fans assumed he was simply trying to get back at Game for depicting G-Unit as the Village People.

Now, this video seems to confirm Game's past as a male dancer.

Around the 19-minute mark of the video, Sababu casually drops the bombshell. "Me and Game's mom started a male exotic club," he began. "We used to get guys that came fresh out of jail, they was buffed up and needed money. A lot of these guys can't go and fill out an application and get a job but hey, if they look good, they been working out we put 'em on man."

"Jayceon danced there maybe twice and 50 cent will not let him forget it," he noted, casually. "Somehow somebody got pictures of him dancing in that club with his g-string on and boy boy boy.... Whether he likes it or not, I tell him the truth. Because just like most people that achieve a certain amount of fame and fortune....that comes with the ass kissers. They're around all the time to say you're the greatest thing because most of them are on the payroll. But fortunately--or unfortunately--I'm not on the payroll so I can tell you exactly what I think.”

Being on the payroll will probably be the least of his concerns when Game sees this clip.

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