'Captain America' Stars Play 'Most Likely To'... And It Gets Sexy

Cast tells all during MTV Movie Awards Takeover.

Don't challenge Chris Evans or Anthony Mackie to a dance-off.

The two revealed that they were the best dancers in the Avengers team on the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" 2014 MTV Movie Awards Takeover during a game of "Who's More Likely To...?" with the cast of the new hit.

Evans then officially changed Mackie to a dance-off, saying Mackie refuses to compete. He did refuse, but gave his reasons.

"I'm talking about just two-step and a twist all day," said Mackie. "Any man can make this sexy, that's dancing."

The cast also revealed some secrets about each other during the game, like who would wear their costume home.

"Chris," responded Mackie. "Definitely. I've seen it. It's very disturbing."

Co-star Sebastian Stan did his best Anthony Mackie impression of the actor taking his suit home, asking, "You don't mind if I take those wings home, do you?" (Though it sounded a little too Italian for Mackie.)

If Johansson and Jackson were playing the Newlywed Game, they wouldn't have done too well. Sam thought that Scarlett would be most likely to like a Taylor Swift song. Scarlett was not happy.

"Why, because I'm a girl?" said Scarlett. "Not to say anything against ... that's not my type of music."

There was one thing everyone in the cast agreed upon, though: Samuel L. Jackson would be most likely to curse in an interview, and Jackson agreed.

"That would me be," said Jackson. "It's f--king awesome, let's go."

Be sure to tune in to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Sunday, April 13 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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