How Did Carly And Nova Get Along During Their 'Teen Mom OG' Visit?

In an interview with MTV News, Catelynn opens up about her little girls

Teen Mom OG cameras did not document Catelynn, Tyler and Nova's get-together with Carly and her parents Brandon and Teresa. But the longtime MTV couple reflected on the time with their little girl shortly after the visit.

"I can tell she misses us," Cate told producer Kerthy about the eight-year-old.

"Just from how she hugs you and pays attention to you?" Kerthy asked.


"Yeah," Cate responded, as her eyes welled up with tears.

So how did Carly and Nova interact during the North Carolina-based meeting?

"Carly was absolutely obsessed with Nova and loved her," Catelynn told MTV News. "At first, Nova was like, ‘I don’t want you all over me’ and didn’t really want much to do with her. But then the next day, she wanted everything to do with her. Carly loved her, and I feel like in adoption, that’s normal. They really click with their siblings because it’s their peers. And Carly has a brother, so she knows that Nova is her birth sister, and she says that’s her sister. So I think she gets excited to have a sister."

"I loved seeing them together," the Michigan native added. "I’m more of an observer -- I will just hang out and talk to Teresa. Seeing them interact is awesome, just knowing that they are going to be close and obviously they are going to know about each other. I get excited about the future."

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