The Do's And Don'ts Of Celebrity Breakups

Where’s the love?

Breakups are never easy. It has to be even harder when you're a celebrity and everyone's in your business. The fact is there's no exact science on how to handle a breakup, separation or divorce because every relationship is different.

We're seriously broken-up over Wiz and Amber's split, then Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks went their separate ways -- it's just too much. Still, there are some steps that celebrities can take to smooth things out for themselves and their adoring public.

Do release a joint statement, with a fancy new term like “conscious uncoupling.”

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Avoid the mudslinging and go with the classy joint statement like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow did. Make up a fancy new term like “conscious uncoupling” for bonus points.

Don't plant stories in the media.

There's really no right way to say, "Hey that creep cheated on me," but sending anonymous statements to gossip sites or confiding in morning show radio hosts is a no-no. The way Amber and Wiz's divorce is playing out on TMZ and Hot 97's "Ebro in the Morning" is just messy.

Do release an album: Breakups make for great music, unless you're Robin Thicke.

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Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Nas' Life is Good were gems that followed the rappers' respective high-profile breakups. Taylor Swift has also dropped a number of unforgettable post-breakup singles, but Robin Thicke failed miserably when he dropped Paula earlier this year. Don't be Robin Thicke.

Don't get a new girlfriend who looks just like your ex-wife.

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We call this one the Kris Humphries rule.

Do get that tattoo removed that you should never have gotten in the first place.

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You remember Iggy Azalea's A$AP tattoo? Yeah, that would be super-awkward right about now.

Don’t follow and unfollow your ex on Instagram.

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Justin, Selena -- we're looking at you.

Do remain good friends.

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J. Lo and Marc Anthony got this right. Bravo, you guys.

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