The Next Generation: A New 'Teen Mom' Series Is Coming To MTV

Five soon-to-be mothers will tell their stories on 'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant'

Five very different girls -- with one thing in common -- are coming to MTV.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant will follow Ashley, Brianna, Jade, Kayla and Lexi as they prepare (and eventually become) young moms. The series will show the highs and lows of their pregnancy journeys -- and the unbelievable changes they endure after the babies are born. From excitement to fear, this group of girls will take viewers inside their emotional lives. And like the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 women have shown us through the years on this network, the new ladies' worlds are about to change forever and it's time to "mom up."

"I have things that I want to accomplish -- I can still make sure that my life follows my track," Ashley says in the clip above.

Do not miss the premiere of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, debuting on Monday, March 12 at 10/9c following a brand-new episode of Teen Mom OG. And stay with MTV News to learn more about the young women before they make their small-screen debut.

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