Penn Badgley On New Movie 'The Stepfather': It 'Really Terrifies'

The 'Gossip Girl' star also jokes about his many shirtless scenes in the flick, in theaters Friday.

[movieperson id="306341"]Penn Badgley's[/movieperson] character has it pretty easy on "Gossip Girl." But in his latest flick, [movie id="365433"]The Stepfather,"[/movie] a remake of the classic '80s horror movie, Badgley's big-screen life is much scarier than anything Dan Humphrey has to deal with.

Badgley plays David Harris, a young man who comes home from military school to find that his mom's (Sela Ward) new husband (Dylan Walsh) has moved in. And he quickly realizes his new stepfather isn't as nice as his mom makes him out to be.

But instead of looking to the original film for inspiration, Badgley avoided it so that he could bring his own spin, saying this update is more psychological thriller than horror movie. "You know, I haven't seen it -- I made that decision before I started the film," he explained. "We're making something that's very different. That's an '80s cult horror film -- this a broader psychological thriller. I think it's going to appeal to more people.

"There's less eerie, creepy, bloody stuff and more relatability in the sense that' it's a slower, simpler movie that draws you in," he continued. "I think [it] really terrifies you once you're in there."

Another draw for audiences, especially the ladies, could be the number of shirtless scenes -- but Badgley joked that those might deter some people from wanting to check out the movie.

"Well, you know, what's fun is that it was a very physical role. I got to do a lot of my own stunts and do some fight sequences and that kind of stuff and I think that hopefully people will take it in stride and believe it," he explained. "I think I was believable and, I mean, it was really fun for me. I took to it like a fish in water, which is a terrible analogy to make 'cause I'm in the water the entire time, shirtless."

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