Video Q&A: Rosemarie DeWitt on Acting with Screenwriters

Rosemarie DeWitt, Hollywood's hardest-working actor of 2012, keeps the hits coming in her sixth role of the year. She stars as Alice, a local girl who catches the eye of a visiting natural gas contractor, in the environmental drama "Promised Land."

Though her face has been all over movie screens this year, there's one place she hasn't been: the writers' room. In "Promised Land," she stars alongside Matt Damon and John Krasinski, who also co-wrote the film.

"It made me a little bit more nervous," she told in New York ahead of the movie's Dec. 28 release, of acting alongside the authors of the script, "but in a good way."

"As an actor, I'm so inspired by people who put on other hats."

Watch the video, below, to hear DeWitt talk about taking notes from her co-stars, shooting the film and the importance of personal responsibility.