Watch James Corden Turn 'Game Of Thrones' And 'Stranger Things' Into ‘Inappropriate Musicals’

Corden teams with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Alan Cumming on ‘The Late Late Show’

James Corden brought back another edition of his recurring sketch “Inappropriate Musicals” on last night’s Late Late Show (September 20) with Broadway veterans Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of Modern Family) and Alan Cumming (of The Good Wife). Corden, Ferguson, and Cumming turned their vocal talents to prestige dramas, creating musical versions of Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Stranger Things.

Ferguson kicked things off as the late Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones–themed song with a NSFW twist on Stark’s favorite catchphrase, “Winter is coming.” (Corden also plays electric guitar on his executioner’s sword.) Afterward, Alan Cumming plays Heisenberg in a Breaking Bad segment, recreating a famous sequence where Walter White blows up a drug dealer’s hideout with fulminated mercury — but in the musical, he makes literal “magic,” pulling flowers out of his sleeve and throwing confetti.

The highlight is when Corden kicks off a Stranger Things portion as the Demogorgon (also featuring Cumming as Joyce Byers and Ferguson as Chief Hopper), complete with a skintight black costume, promising to “turn you on like a Christmas tree.” The Little Shop of Horrors–inspired track, in a bit of meta-commentary, descends into a hilarious list of references to the ’80s (e.g., “Where’s the beef?” and “Avoid the Noid”). It’s good enough to make you hope for a real-life Broadway version of the Upside Down.