All 51 Of Kylie Jenner's Instagram Manicures Ranked

There's, arguably, no better feeling than having your nails #onfleek. Crisp acrylics, shiny and long-lasting gels, or just a regular fresh coat of nail polish can make you feel ready to take on the world -- but Kylie Jenner takes it to a whole new level. This trend-setting teen is rarely ever caught without a fabulous set of nails (or klaws, as she likes to call them). As an homage to all the manicures Kylie Jenner has rocked, I've ranked the crazy, amazing, and cool nails from Kylie's Instagram.

I think a lot of us ladies have had a mani like this before.

Loving the design on the index finger with this all-black nail color.

Kylie loves blue, can you tell with this super clean mani and pedi?

I can see that Kylie had a sticker manicure phase and she definitely rocked it.

This luminous purple, matte mani can definitely brighten up any day.

Squared manis can look super chic, but this deep violet color is what makes this manicure really pop.

Kylie's remix of the traditional french mani is super fashionable.

Nail stickers can always be trendy.

One of Kylie's first oblong manicures

This shade of gold glitter goes super well with Kylie's ring.

Seriously missing the squared mani trend.

Hot pink nails scream summertime!

This all black french matte manicure is super chic.

This reminds us of a black and white cookie, who wouldn't love a black and white cookie mani?

We don't know what catches our eye more, those manicures or that ring. #blingbling

This red and oval shaped look is the ideal mani and to match perfectly with Kylie's cheetah print jacket.

Pale pink, oblong shaped nails can make any look edgy.

Indigo blue will, arguably, always be a classic color.

These sharp, black nails could be used as a weapon!

Kylie's seemingly favorite nail shape, oblong, with a black detail on a french manicure makes this mani super cute.

Nails with texture can make any manicure very stylish.

This mani should have been a part of Ariana Grande's "Problem" music video.

We're loving the nail art on this white manicure.

You can never go wrong with a plain, black mani.

Getting the typical manicure can make getting your nails done be a bit boring. These funky manis spice up the nail game.

Definitely a young Kylie in this manicure picture. This simple yet bright mani is timeless.

Drenched in accessories with those pastel pink nails, Kylie is killing the bohemian look in this pic.

This manicure epitomizes Rihanna's performance of "BBHMM" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

This fun mani made the list for it's uncommon yet super cool patterns.

Matte nails surely have their positives; they take less time to dry, can add a whole new palette of colors (like this awesome pale blue) and simply look amazing.

Um, I think Givenchy really brings out Kylie's seemingly perfect manicure.

These, somewhat, heart shaped nails add a different spin on the usual, full-length manicure.

This manicure adds class with sass, pairing a sleek black base with a texturized glitter tip.

Black and red make a perfect OTP.

Kylie the kitty? With these sharpened oblong nails, we're definitely getting feline feels.

I mean...a dog print on each middle finger is what's winning in this mani. #animallove

These long nails add an extra feminine touch to Kylie's extra edgy look.

Clean, bright and simple. What's not to love about this minimalist manicure?

Now this is a sophisticated glitter manicure.

Both sets of nails are sporting colors that would match with just about anything.

Not only does this manicure rock because of its unique oblong shape, but the bold strip right in the middle of the nail definitely makes it uncommon and chic, all at the same time.

Matching your hair and your nails is quite the feat.

This color is so 50 shades of grey.

...or a light pink.

You can never go wrong with a nude.

Gold and glitter? Of course this made the top of the list!

Highlighter yellow should always be a thing.

Kylie's current signature manicure: long, squared-finished nails with a pop of color. #winning

One cannot simply just get a manicure. The accessories add to the overall affect.

This mani comes in a close 2nd place due to the fabulous shade of pastel yellow paired with the those perfectly ripped jeans.

We ranked this killer mani as #1 because of its absolute freshness. This nail art by Britney Tokyo is super original with each nail having it's own design. A mix of Barbie patterns with Britney Spears being thrown into the loop and even Kylie's name on her pinkie makes this manicure Kylie's coolest yet.