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'Smurfs 2' Trailer: Smurfette Gets Naughty

Long before the Na'vi were bringing sexy back to blue on the big screen, there were "The Smurfs," peacefully villaging it up in their little mushroom manor for pretty much the entire '80s (ah, memories!). And when the evil Gargamel finally got himself enough screen time in 2011 to chase the tiny buggers outta their safe haven and into the Big Apple, things got cinematic alright.

A new trailer for "The Smurfs 2" — admit it, you've been on pins and needles ever since the credits rolled on the first "Smurfs" movie — is here, showcasing more of Gargy's diabolical plan to finally capture those pesky little Smurfs, as teased by the first picture glimpse in December.

Yep, big G (Hank Azaria), whose efforts at total smurfdom domination were thwarted by the fast actions of Smurfette (Katy Perry), Papa Smurf (the late, great Jonathan Winters) and their human pal Patrick (actually Neil Patrick Harris), is at it again... and this time, he's literally cooked up some little henchmen to serve his cause.

Introducing Hackus (J.B. Smoove) and Vexy (Christina Ricci), a pair of Naughties made to seduce poor Smurfette into a life of Parisian mischief and mayhem in the hope that she'll spill all the secrets of the Smurfs' essence.

And while she's technically a kidnappee in this scenario, Smurfette is no damsel in distress, monsieur. Instead, she kinda seems to quite like taking walks on the wild side.

Papa Smurf doesn't think all hope is lost on his blonde babe, though, so it's off to the City of Lights they'll go!

What'll become of this new war of the grays and blues? Will naughtiness become the new "Part Of" Katy Perry's Smurfette? Is a smurf's butt blue?

Guess we'll have to wait and find out on July 31!