Shanna Moakler Lashes Out At Travis Barker In Blog

Drummer's ex said he received romantic e-mails while she helped him recover from plane crash.

The drama continues with [article id="1608319"]Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler[/article]. MTV News reported Wednesday that the divorced couple had split, yet again, after reconciling last year during [article id="1595303"]Barker's recovery from the plane crash[/article] that left him in intensive care. According to a source, the recent split came after the Blink-182 drummer confronted Shanna about an alleged affair with actor Gerard Butler.

In a rant on her MySpace blog posted Thursday (April 2), Moakler lashed out against Barker for claiming she had the affair, and even turned the tables, claiming he received e-mails from other women while she was helping him recover.

"I came across numerous romantic e-mails with MANY other woman -- some famous, some I personally knew -- all heartbreaking," wrote the former Playboy playmate, who has two children with Barker.

Moakler went on to document the details of the time when Barker was hospitalized and pointed fingers at not only Barker, but the women who corresponded with him. "The woman involved, you know who you are and should be ashamed of yourself," she wrote. But what hurts the most, Moakler said, are the "e-mails where employees of my ex were writing comments on gossip networks like TMZ and Perez Hilton, attacking me as a woman and a mother. I think those were more painful than the infidelities."

After a very public relationship and multiple [article id="1604231"]breakups and makeups[/article], Moakler wrote that she can't just leave this one alone. " 'No Comment' just wasn't sufficient this time when people continue to lie and distort the truth. The sad part is, the truth really isn't that juicy or newsworthy; it's sad, and I wish it had been left behind closed doors."