Coheed And Cambria Bassist Sizes Up New DVD: It's 5 Inches

Still-untitled home video release will contain live footage.

In the year and three months since Coheed and Cambria released In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3, they've gone from being a seriously spaced-out quartet with a not-so-secret sci-fi streak and an unparalleled comic-book collection to being a really popular seriously spaced-out quartet with a not-so-secret sci-fi streak and unparalleled comic-book collection.

And now they're looking to branch out into the DVD market.

Coheed bassist Mike Todd said the band plans on releasing a DVD featuring, amongst other things, footage from its August 20 show with My Chemical Romance at Sayreville, New Jersey's Starland Ballroom.

"We haven't formatted it completely yet," he said, "but there's going to be live footage [from that show] ... and whatever else we can find."

When further pressed for details on the still-untitled DVD, Todd laughed, saying, "What else can I tell you about the DVD? Um, well, it's got like a 2-and-a-half-inch radius."

Details are clearer -- though only a bit -- when it comes to Coheed's new album, which has been given the epic moniker of Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV - Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. It's being pegged as the fourth chapter in lead singer Claudio Sanchez's four-album narrative (with the fourth album scheduled to be a prequel of sorts), and Todd sounded happy with the results.

"Dude, it's awesooome," he bellowed. "We've been upstate in Woodstock [New York], doing some rehearsals and writing some new stuff. We're going to play a couple of songs live and try them out."

The band did just that with three fresh songs at the January 12 Concert for Tsunami Relief (see [article id="1495859"]"Taking Back Sunday, MCR Unite For Tsunami Benefit -- Even The Bouncers Sing Along"[/article]), with mixed results. The audience was somewhat confused by the bottom-heavy, extra-spacey new music, and Todd spent most of the night chastising the audience for not applauding loud enough.

But he doesn't seem too concerned with the initial reaction to the tunes.

"We're just trying them out," he said. "To see what people think."

Coheed and Cambria are scheduled to begin recording Good Apollo at the end of January.

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