'Floribama Shore' Crush: Can Nilsa Convince Jeremiah To Give Her Another Chance?

That knock-knock joke sure didn't go over very well

Jeremiah emerged as the Floribama Shore ladies' man on tonight's series premiere, romancing (and ultimately rejecting) both Nilsa and Kortni.

And the two were more than happy to entertain the built Jacksonville native: In fact, when they first laid eyes on him and found their prayers for "hot boys" answered, they broke into a happy dance (video proof below):

Jeremiah wasted no time asking "Krazy Kortni" out on a dinner date (who cares about bed-wetting?), but despite her attempts to seduce him with her best giraffe onesie, he soon delivered the "friends" speech. (Side note: Jeremiah may have spent years in a slightly sheltered home-school environment, but that doesn't mean he's completely clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. "Being a Southern boy, I have to be a gentleman and a douchebag because that's what women look for," he said matter-of-factly.)

Enter Nilsa, who was quick to seize her opportunity with Jeremiah following her lackluster date with housemate and J's best bud Gus. (Maybe Gus should have worn his flannel back thong?)


But Jeremiah also shot down each of Nilsa's not-so-subtle hints, including a knock-knock joke about her kookah. And when he later fell for new girl Kayla Jo, Nilly felt majorly threatened, causing her claws to come out. "When Jeremiah gets bored with her, he knows the real party's right here," she said. "[Kayla Jo's] vagina has been intact for 30 years. That's, like, ancient compared to mine."

The kicker? Nilly still didn't let it go after housemate Codi delivered a little sip of his harsh-but-much-needed truth tea: "He's not gonna f**k you, and he'll never f**k you."

But what do you think? Should the PCB native give Jeremiah some space, or is there even a remote shot at a love connection between the two? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch an all-new episode of Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.

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