Your Valentine's Date Can't Go Much Worse Than Mariah Carey's

Watch Mimi explain how she saved Nick Cannon from a fire.

Everyone has their ideal Valentine's Day date, whether it be getting a box of chocolates, watching a rom-com or, like some people in the MTV Newsroom, going out for chicken and waffles.

But when you're a diva like Mariah Carey, you go ALL out. And when you go ALL out, accidents are bound to happen -- especially when you fill your L.A. hotel room with candles.

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"We'd gotten each other like all these roses and balloons, and we had pictures of our first year together ... the whole room was just Valentine's galore," Mariah told us during "MTV First" on Wednesday about her first V-Day married to hubby Nick Cannon. "As we're looking at the pictures, there's candles everywhere -- because I had requested candles -- so one of the pictures sparked and lit the drapery."

Oh no! What is a diva to do? Call security?

Not Mimi.

"Me, I go into emergency mode," Mariah said, acting the whole scene out. "I take the roses out of the thing, take the vase, pour the water, douse the fire. Nick just looks like this [jaws drop], and he just goes, 'You're really good in an emergency situation.' I just go, 'That's how I've had to be.' "

Pro status. All the way.

Well, at least there's no danger in watching a rom-com on the couch!

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