A$AP Rocky Gave Us A Preview Of A$AP Mob's 2016

Rocky lets MTV News know what you can expect from the new year.

As 2015 comes to an end, A$AP Rocky is eyeing the new year.

"I plan on just being prosperous," he told MTV News when asked about 2016. "Prosperity. That’s it...You gotta just watch me, watch my career and watch the steps of it. I don’t wanna take the title as role model, but I think it’s not such a bad idea to follow some of my guidelines and footsteps."

His footsteps include a brand new album. "My sh-t is coming A$AP, no pun intended," he added. "We working with Juicy J for certain. Juicy got the juice. He the juice man. That’s all you need is the juice."

Juicy J also appeared on A$AP Rocky's 2015 album, At.Long.Last.A$AP. But his own next LP is just one offering we can expect from the "Wavybone" MC.

Rocky also plans on delivering with Cozy Tapes, a collection of work that A$AP Yams began before his untimely death this year. It will feature A$AP Mob and "people that Yams wanted to feature on the album and our favorite artists that’s out right now."

Beyond working on Cozy, the Mob also has other projects in store. "A$AP Nast’s project is about to come out. A$AP Twelvyy’s project is about to come out. A$AP Ferg’s album is about to come out. A$AP Ant’s project is about to come out."

So, what can we expect from these projects? Here's a breakdown from Rocky:

A$AP Ferg

"[He] is animated," Rocky said. "He’s taking Busta Rhymes and Missy and putting them in one and going in with it. That’s how I feel when I look at his videos, listen to his songs or when I’m seeing him live, it’s just that energy. "

A$AP Nast

"A$AP Nast is that New York gritty, grimy cat," Rocky continued. "He’s gonna take you back, but he got the crazy flow with it, too, and impeccable style and taste and sh-t like that. The finesse game crazy so that’s what he manifests into his music."

A$AP Twelvyy

"I would say he’s like the good goon," Rocky added. "His name really stand for him. He’s a standup guy, but at the same time, he got that story for the struggling dude on the corner or that struggling hustler or that aspiring artist or that baby mama that’s broke. That’s what he all about."

A$AP Ant

"A$AP Ant, man, he’s just little face tat," Rocky explained. "He’s for all the little burnt out little n—as, that’s out here, living life trying to figure it out and sh-t. He’s just flossing jiggly and all that, talking his young nigga shit.

Looks like 2016 is going to be a busy year for A$AP Mob.

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