The 'Scorch Trials' Sequel Will Definitely Feature More Butt-Kicking Ladies

Nathalie Emmanuel reveals what's next in "The Death Cure."

Spoilers for "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" lie ahead!

We at MTV News absolutely loved "The Maze Runner," but one thing we enjoyed even more about its sequel, "The Scorch Trials," was the fact that the latter film featured way more women -- meaning instead of 2-plus hours of dudes fighting Grievers, we got to see 2-plus hours of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), Brenda (Rosa Salazar), Harriet (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Sonya (Katherine McNamara) kicking butt right alongside them.

However, the end of the movie also found Sonya being dragged away by WCKD, while the film's resident Judas, Teresa, looked on. So does that mean that her BFF Harriet will join the Gladers in getting revenge for Sonya and the other taken good guys, Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and Aris (Jacob Lofland)? According to Emmanuel herself, the answer is a resounding "yes."

"From my understanding that is the case," Emmanuel told MTV News over the phone. "I mean, it seems like she’s down to kick some butt and get some revenge. She’s lost her two homies; they got taken. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl who is just going to sit down and let that happen. Hopefully, we get to see her kick more butt in the next movie."

And for what it's worth, Emmanuel seems to be ready for that -- her character on "Game of Thrones," Missandei, is definitely not one to get involved in any of that show's violent scuffles, but her time on "Scorch Trials" left her far better equipped to handle firepower.


"It was definitely a new experience for me, shooting a gun," she said. "That was my first time holding a gun, loading a gun -- all of that. Firing a gun. The armor guys, the gun guys, are so safe, and talk you through everything. It’s very, very carefully organized to make sure everyone is safe. But you still have a loaded gun, and it still can be dangerous. It was a really exciting experience for me, to learn to do that."

Exciting -- but also really, really cold. Like, too cold for even Dylan O'Brien's legendary status hugs to make a difference.

"My main memory from shooting that sequence was just how cold it was," Emmanuel continued. "We were still in night shoots, solidly for about two weeks, in a place... in New Mexico, about an hour from the center of Albuquerque. It was so beautiful there, but really, really cold once the sun went... Everything about it was so much fun. You see all of the explosions and doing the few stunts I did, but I really really enjoyed doing that, and looking really badass. It looks like it’s all me, but it’s actually these very talented stunt guys who tell me what to do."

One thing that couldn't be faked, however, was the great dynamic between the cast behind the scenes -- even though "The Scorch Trials" crew looks like a boy's club, Emmanuel said that she and the others fit right in.

"They’re just the sweetest group of people," she gushed. "So lovely, and really welcoming. I got the impression that they were so tight-knit, and that can be really hard coming on to a cast that’s like that, but they welcomed me with open arms. I’m sure that the other new members of the cast will say the same. We had such a laugh... [We played a lot of] what’s that game? It’s like charades... it’s an app, where you choose categories and you hold it up to your forehead... and then the rest of the group has to describe what’s on the thing without telling them? We did that a lot, that was fun. Dexter is really good at that. He plays it a lot, though. I think he had more practice."

"Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials" is in theaters nationwide.

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