Vote: The Best Superhero-Themed Music Video EVER

It ends today. Who will come out victorious?

Last week, debonair liquid-disco maestro Skylar Spence dropped a hella explosive music video for "Can't You See," the latest single from his upcoming LP Prom King. The clip features a guy inventing a glittery, exciting alternate life for himself complete with some borderline godlike superpowers (all to impress a gal, of course). It's rad. You should watch it.

Music videos in general have always been mini advertisements for the songs themselves, so it's only natural for artists to want to trick themselves out with superpowers on film -- especially if their label is footing the bill for CGI. And when those effects are done right, the videos can reach skyscraping levels of awesomeness. When they're not, well, the results can be a little... sadder.

But you already know this. Especially with everything San Diego Comic-Con has thrown our way in the past few days, it's hard to not have superheroes on the brain. That's why we're giving you the chance to tell us what the best superhero-themed music video of all time is. Rank your choices below, and we'll finally determine who had the most super clip, ever.

(We've excluded videos that feature clips from the superhero movies the songs are included in, which means you won't see my two childhood favorites here. But that's probably for the best.)