See The Evolution Of The MTV Movie Awards Logo

Every logo from 1992 to 2014.

Oh, MTV Movie Awards logo, how you've changed. Since the show first debuted in 1992, the logo has changed looks more often than Iron Man changes armors. Here's a look back on every single logo, ever:

1992: The Beginning

1993: The Bond

1994: The Olde Timey

1995: The Zoom

1996: The Vegas

1997: The Little Stampy Guy You Don't Notice At First

1998: The Slickster

1999: The Projectionist

2000: The Reel Logo

2001: The Star

2002: The Balloon Fish

2003: The Hero

2004: The Horror

2005: The Stuntacular

2006: The Alba

2007: The Digital City

2008: The Hollywood Island

2009: The Mr. Popcorn

2010: The Yo, Mr. Popcorn Raps

2011: The Scrapster

2012: The Amp

2013: The Miami

2014: The Blockbuster

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