Drake's '0-100/The Catch Up': What We Learned

Take a closer listen to Drizzy's latest.

Drake wasn't even on the official lineup for Hot 97's Summer Jam on Sunday night, but he still found a way to be one of the most talked about artists of the day. Not only did he come out during Nicki Minaj's set, but Drizzy also dropped a brand new track, "0-100/The Catch Up," just minutes before.

One of the distinguishing traits of Drake's music has always been his willingness to talk openly about his life and feelings. He has lyrical ambiguities just like any other rapper, sure; but he's also often pointed in his approach. That again proved true on his latest six-minute release.

With that in mind, we took another listen to "0-100/The Catch Up," and here's what we learned.

1. If Drake Wasn't Drake, Drake Would Diss Drake

At the opening of "The Catch Up," following a beat switch from "0-100," Drake admits he understands why there's so much hate that comes his way. He brings the listener to a conversation with a woman named Lavish Lee, who challenges him to put himself in a competitor's shoes.

"She said they love me unconditional/ 'Imagine how it feel to watch another n---a at the top/ You know that if it wasn't you, you would be dissin' you, dawg'/ Damn, okay, from that perspective/ I can see what you're talkin' 'bout." Well, he's got the humble brag down to a science.

2. Rap Money > TV Money

You may have heard by now: Drake used to star on the show "Degrassi." In the past, he's said things suggesting that he made the switch from acting to music because he was more passionate about the latter, but it sounds like money played a role, too. "All up on TV, I thought it'd make me richer," he raps. "Wasn't payin' me enough, I needed somethin' quicker."

3. Expect A Fourth Solo Album In 2015

We're less than a year removed from the Young Money rapper's last effort, September's Nothing Was The Same, but the plans for a follow up are already in motion: "We already got spring 2015 poppin'/ PND droppin', Reps-up P droppin'/ Majid Jordan droppin', OB droppin', not to mention me droppin'." He's been putting out plenty of new music in 2014, so maybe he's already in album mode.

4. He Admits He Might Not Be The Greatest...Yet

"If I ain't the greatest then I'm headed for it," the T. Dot native raps early on. It's hard to believe he actually thinks this, though. Drake typically comes across as though he feels he's the best to ever pick up a mic -- not that there's anything wrong with that. Gotta believe you're the best to become it, right?

5. But Expect That Moment To Come Very, Very Soon

The last lyrics that Aubrey delivers reiterate the sentiment he expressed early on. If there's a spot at the top he doesn't have, he's coming for it: "I'm only 27 and I'm only gettin' better/ If I haven't passed you yet, watch me catch up now, for real."

6. He Feels Like He's Straddling Two Worlds

At what point do you transition from a rookie to a vet? It takes years of work, for sure. But that's not all that distinguishes the two. There's a certain excitement and energy that a hot rap rookie's music is able to evoke, and often an ease of excellence for vets. Where does Drake fall on this spectrum? He's got a bit of both, and he knows it. "Oh Lord, I'm the rookie and the vet," he spits.

7. There's Probably A Password On Drizzy's iPhone

In this digital age, it's not the craziest thing for someone to have some risque photos on their phone. And from the sound of it, Drake falls into this category (See, your favorite rappers are just like you!). Seems like he may be spending time with multiple ladies -- surprise -- and doesn't want the one he's currently with to get upset.

"All up in my phone, lookin' at pictures from the other night/ She gon' be upset if she keep scrollin' to the left, dawg/ She gon' see some shit that she don't wanna see," he raps.

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