Marvel's Black Widow Movie Adds Two Important Members To The Team

A 'Stranger Things' star and a 'Favourite' actor could be joining the MCU

Marvel's solo Black Widow movie has been coming along (rather sluggishly, we might add) for quite some time. Though the character has been an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for nearly ten years now, we've yet to see a Scarlett Johansson-fronted feature materialize.

Luckily, it looks like the film is finally moving forward, with a bit of exciting casting news: David Harbour (Stranger Things) and Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) are hopping aboard for the upcoming flick, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Both Harbour and Weisz will play new characters we don't yet know the names of – so we don't have many details on what they'll be doing in the movie, but at least we know they're coming. They'll join Johansson (obviously), as well as Lady Macbeth's Florence Pugh, who'd already joined the cast. Meanwhile, previous reports indicate that director Cate Shortland (Lore) is taking the reigns, with a script from Jac Schaeffer.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but according to THR, the film will be an "internationally-set story centering on Natasha Romanoff, a spy and assassin who grew up being trained by the KGB before breaking from their grasp and becoming an agent of SHIELD and Avenger." So, basically, it's what we've all been waiting for.

There's still no proposed release date, but if it's more Black Widow that you want, you don't have to wait until her solo flick is completed to see ScarJo in action. We'll get to see her next appearance in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, which hits theaters on April 26.

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