Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week: Trump's ISIS Flub

Trump says Syrian refugees might be dangerous, Fiorina won't let go of Planned Parenthood controversy.

Welcome to "Lies Presidential Candidates Told This Week," in which we break down the untruths, bent realities and flat-out falsities served up by the Republican and Democratic contenders for the White House.

It takes a lot of talking to get to the finish line, and sometimes the only way to get a headline (especially if you're standing in the shadow of Donald Trump) is to bend logic a bit to get heard.

Here's how three potential commanders in chief did it this week:

Donald Trump: Migrants = ISIS

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GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Iowa

The Lie: After the U.S. announced that it would take in up to 100,000 Syrian refugees by 2017, Republican front-runner Trump said during a speech in New Hampshire on Wednesday, citing no sources, that we should be careful because, "they could be ISIS. They are all men and they are all strong." He doubled-down, adding that if he wins, "they're going back [to their homelands]."



The Truth: According to the watchdog site, UN figures show female refugees outnumber men and that children ages 11 and younger make up 38.5% of refugees, while just 2.3% of the 57,350 global refugees accepted by the U.S. through Aug. 31 of this year are from Syria.

Several weeks ago, the site also shut down a comment from GOP candidate Ben Carson, who said that the majority of Syrian refugees are "young males," as well as Scott Walker's claim that "many" of the refugees admitted to the U.S. this year came from Syria.

Carly Fiorina: Organ harvesting from a born-alive fetus is a thing.

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Carly Fiorina Campaigns In Davenport, Iowa

The Lie: During an appearance on Sunday's "Meet The Press," former Hewlett-Packard CEO and GOP candidate Carly Fiorina told host Chuck Todd that it was "sad" that he didn't challenge Hillary Clinton when she said, "'Late-term abortions were only performed for medical purposes.' That is patently false. This is happening in America today. And taxpayers are paying for it. That is a fact. It is a reality. And no one can run away from it."


Carly Fiorina

The Truth: Reminded by Todd that multiple outlets have revealed that the video she referred to during the second GOP debate -- which appeared to show a Planned Parenthood affiliate removing organs from an intact, living fetus -- was made up of stock footage, Fiorina refused to back down. In fact, she's used the footage in campaign fundraising video called "Character of our Nation" that has been viewed more than 351,000 times.

Hillary Clinton: No top secret emails, nope, none at all.

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Meet the Press - Season 68

The Lie: For months, Democratic frontrunner Clinton has been adamant that there were no top secret files (labeled that way at the time, at least) on the personal e-mail server she used while Secretary of State.

The Truth: This week the number of messages now deemed classified doubled to more than 400 with the release of 215 more e-mails, three of which were marked SECRET (the middle tier of national security classification system). Clinton continues to say she never forwarded nor received any messages marked classified at the time, but critics say her use of a private server might have put her in an awkward position while handling sensitive docs.

In another bad look, it was also revealed this week that virus-loaded attachments sent from suspected Russian hackers targeted Clinton's server at least five times in August 2011; Clinton's aides say her email system was never compromised in the attempted attack.


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