Star Spotting: Harry Styles Even Makes Ugly Christmas Sweaters Look Good (PHOTO)

Harry Styles makes ugly sweaters hot. 

Honestly, ugly Christmas sweaters (and the ironically themed "I'm wearing an ugly outfit" parties that go along with them) get a bad rap! It's like, who says a sweater embroidered with a giant Christmas tree and ornaments has to be unattractive?? Yeah, well thanks to One Direction's Harry Styles, all of that ugly Christmas sweater discrimination stops right now! Because how hot does Harry Styles look in his ugly "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" sweater and his IRL Santa's elf costume?! Exactly: STUNNING. Time to open your minds, people.

Harry, or as we like to call him, one half of Haylor, was at a photo shoot this week. In between takes, he posed for some classic "ugly sweater" shots with his hairstylist, Kim Davidson. "Christmas Jumpers are out!! Get In," tweeted Harry, "Kimpopd and I are feeling festive!" And yes, we know what y'all are thinking: Why the eff is Harry Styles posing with another pretty blonde chick when he should be nurturing the growing love that is Haylor? Yeah, not to worry. Rumor has it that Kim was also around during Harry and Taylor's Central Park Zoo date, so we have a feeling she's not trying to homewreck. That, or maybe she knows if she did, One Directioners would ruin her life.

Photo credit: Harry Styles' Instagram