How Did TLC's 'No Scrubs' Revolutionize Dating? Women Share Their Stories

Female comics reflect on the iconic song.

It was spelled out so clearly for us: "A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is also known as a busta / Always talkin' about what he wants and just sits on his broke a--"

With those iconic lyrics and video that was constructed of pleather and pure '90s realness, TLC introduced an entire generation of girls to a type of dude that would have some bearing on their dating lives in one way or another -- The Scrub.

We knew we were supposed to say "No, we don't want your numbers," but did we heed the advice of our favorite crop-top-sporting trio? MTV News asked female comics to look back on "No Scrubs" and the way the song shaped -- and continues to shape -- their dating lives for better or for just-as-bad.

Sara Benincasa


"I know it sounds silly, but TLC's song really drove home to me the idea that I didn't have to be with a man just because he wanted to be with me. I was a shy and nerdy kid, and I desperately wanted to be liked. That song taught me that just because a guy 'likes' you doesn't mean he's right for you. It's a great lesson! It helps you find the good men in life, too."

Heather Marulli


"There is a subspecies much worse [than] just a scrub: a scrub with money who refuses to pay for anything! I dated a guy who was absurdly cheap despite having more money than me and forced me to pay for everything for both of us -- dinner, going to the movies, etc.! When I confronted him about it -- asking if we could go dutch -- he told me that being in his company cost money and that I should be glad to be spending any time with him at all. I dumped his a--. Scrubs come in all forms and not just the broke ones. The ladies of TLC were right!

Lauren Brown


"I'm pretty sure I'm a female scrub."

Katie Vallely

No scrub

"One time I dated a dude that bought himself a crock pot. He was super excited about it and planned himself a chill Saturday to cook a hearty stew. Upon hearing this, I gently reminded him -- surely he was already aware! -- that the whole point of a crock pot is to get the ingredients in there early morning, head off to work and return to a lovely aroma-filled kitchen with stew ready to be enjoyed. In reply, he simply said, 'What, I’m just supposed to leave something cooking all day? I think I’ll stick to my original plan.' My head exploded that such a condescending comment could come out of someone who didn’t know this was, in fact, that entire point of a crock pot. Thank god I had my girls in TLC to remind me I don’t want no scrubs. I moved on."

Hana Michels


"I have been listening to this song on a loop since I moved to New York. I grew up in L.A., where most of my time was spent in a car. Here, I don't have a car. Being out on the street in New York means being catcalled. Two days ago I literally had a guy hanging out the passenger side of a car trying to holler some incoherent garbage at me. TLC is making me dance down the street like I don't care. I don't want no scrubs, and I don't want to waste my time on scrub screams. If you yell at me on the street, I don't want your number, and I don't want to give you mine."

How did "No Scrubs" impact your dating life? Let us know in the comments!