PRETTYMUCH's Sunny 'Would You Mind' Video Looks Like It's From 1997

The fisheye lens is back, baby!

PRETTYMUCH are Simon Cowell's latest vocal group, and as such, they've already garnered some comparisons to Cowell's crown jewels in One Direction. But apart from their origin and the fact that there's five of them, the 1D comparisons don't help to describe PRETTYMUCH at all. They're more influenced by R&B, as evidenced by their YouTube cover of Charlie Puth's "Attention" and their choreography tribute to Bruno Mars.

They also showcase a knack for it in their own music, as they demonstrated on the VMA red carpet last month, singing an a cappella version of their song "Would You Mind." Now, the track has its own music video, released on Friday (September 15), that should further set PRETTYMUCH apart from what came before.

In the clip, the five guys — Brandon, Nick, Zion, Austin, and Edwin — sing around in the beautiful California sunshine, stoop outside of what looks like Paddy's Pub (but probably isn't), and exude the kind of '90s charm that's also prevalent in the cinematography itself (hello, fisheye lens.)

Watch the full thing above, and find out what happened when MTV News spent the day with PRETTYMUCH earlier this summer in the video below.

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