Wait, Is There Still Hope For A 'Victorious' Reunion?

It's time we finally get the proper ending we deserve

On March 27, 2010, you first entered the fancy high school Hollywood Arts where you met Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia), and the rest of the squad.

On Sunday (March 27), the cast of Victorious celebrated #6YearsOfVictorious on Twitter and Instagram. While they shared memories and pics from their Hollywood Arts days, series creator Dan Schneider also tweeted about his show.

His second hashtag + the "I know something you don't know emoji" got fans in a tizzy about a possible reunion.

And their feelings were only enhanced by a second tweet.

After Schneider's epic #WhatDidZoeySay reunion follow-up for Zoey 101 fans, it wouldn't be a stretch for him to conjure up some kind of Victorious reunion.

Although, reuniting the entire cast seems unlikely, since everyone is doing their own thing with their own busy schedule. But hey, never say never, amirite?

Some of the cast reminisced about the Nickelodeon show that ran for four seasons.

"I can't believe we took this photo 6 years ago. Time has been flying like a speeding bullet," Leon Thomas III, who played Andre Harris, wrote on Instagram. "As we kill time with creativity and hard work I can honestly say I'm proud of every single person in this photo. Onward and upward yall !! #6yearsofvictorious."

Daniella Monet, who played Justice's sister Trina Vega, kept it short but sweet.

As did hippie teacher Erwin Sikowitz (Eric Lange).

"What a bunch'a weirdos. Happy 6th Anniversary, Victorious. You're the best. #6YearsOfVictorious," Elizabeth Gillies, a.k.a. frenemy Jade West, captioned.

And in case you need a refresher for the series finale of Victorious, perhaps this will jog your memory.



The "Victori-Yes" episode focused on two important factors: Mr. Sikowitz encouraging his class to say yes to anything (granted it's not dangerous or illegal) to combat their negativity, and Trina appearing on the Mexican TV show Divertisimo. The game show involved kids dressed up as mice who had to chase Trina, who's dressed as a piece of cheese.

Sure, other subplots occurred during the episode, such as Cat's pajelehoochos, but the episode as a whole never felt like a true series finale. However, maybe Schneider can finally change that? Here's hoping!

I mean, he did ask Twitter which of his shows should get a "retro" TV movie — and needless to say, the fans demanded Victorious.



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