Selena Gomez' Fans Flood Her With Support After Cancer Bullying

And, was the bully a hacker?

After Selena Gomez slammed a fan for an inappropriate comment on her Instagram, Selenators and non-Selenators alike are rethinking what it means to online bully.

You see, what's different about bullying a celebrity is that most of the time, you can say stuff and they'll never answer. They have too many people tweeting at them. Most of the time, they don't even see it.

But this time, instead of skimming past the mean remarks, Gomez decided to call out one person, who posted something nasty about Selena and cancer. You can probably infer what they said.

Selena commented back, screenshot her post and then put her response as a photo on her Instagram. Fans applauded her in the comments, and after Caitlin wrote about it on our site, more and more people had an opinion about what Selena had to say to the hater.

Some commenters pulled from personal experience

selena 1
selena 2

While others solidified Selena's role-modle status

selena 5
selena 8

Some came to the defense of the girl, saying Selena was bullying in return

selena 3
selena 7
selena 11

And then, this girl named Chloé responded to our story by saying that someone posted a fake account under her name and stole her profile picture.

selena 9

Selenators loved how Selena ended her comment

selena 4
selena 6

And this guy was hungry

selena 10

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