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Why 'Teen Mom OG' Couple Amber And Matt Didn't Tie The Knot In Vegas

The two contemplated saying 'I do' during tonight's episode but ultimately decided to wait

Ever since Amber accepted Matt's proposal on Teen Mom OG, the two have maintained they were in no rush to get married. And even though several years have passed since their diner-based engagement, the sweethearts have made steps toward saying "I do" -- from exploring possible venues to the bride-to-be trying on dresses in a recent installment. But during tonight's episode, Amber and Matt came thisclose to ditching their plans and getting hitched in impromptu fashion in Las Vegas (where else?) while in town for their pals' nuptials.

"We'll take two!" Matt exclaimed, while touring a chapel for their engaged friends Wayne and Annette.

But shortly after Amber consented, reality began to sink in. After calling her brother for his opinion, she told Matt she was "scared" and did not want to go through with the milestone occasion without her loved ones, especially Leah, by her side.

"My family means a lot to me when it comes to this stuff," Amber admitted, while Matt said they should "not talk about it anymore."

Even though Matt assured Amber her decision was "fine," he told a contrasting story to producer Kerthy (while Amber continued to wander the venue on her own).

"I will not marry her," he stated. "I will not marry her now, ever."

Even though Kerthy expressed that she saw things differently -- specifically, Amber's desire to tie the knot with her family present -- Matt responded that his fiancée "wants to marry her brother."

"She just humiliated me on TV," he added. "I'm done."

Shortly after the exchange, Amber pressed Matt and asked why he was in a "bad mood." He insisted he wasn't and said he forgave her for embarrassing him on the small screen.

But, like before, he stated the opposite to Kerthy (without Amber present) and said he would "fake this the rest of the day" and reiterated he was "done."


However, at the ceremony, Matt and Amber had an exchange about the prior stressful situation, and both expressed how they felt. Matt said he "got caught up in the moment," while Amber revealed she didn't know why she was fearful of the commitment (but it had "nothing to do" with him).

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